Luca icon
Age 12
Status Alive
Gender Male
Element's' Time
Family Lucy (Mother, Deceased)

Tony (Father, Deceased)

Celio (Little brother)

Celia (Little sister)

Spyro (Adoptive father)

Cynder (Adoptive mother)

Artemis (Adoptive sister)

Aaron(Adoptive brother)

Ignitus (Adoptive brother)

Athena (Adoptive sister, later Wife)

Aphrodite (Adoptive sister)

Shadow (Adoptive brother)

Cosmo (Adoptive brother, later brother-in-law)

Harmonia (Adoptive sister, later sister-in-law)

Luke (Son)

Lloyd (Son)

Bonnie (Niece)

Bella (Niece)

Garrett (Nephew)

Seth (Nephew)

Leah (Niece)

Alex (Nephew)

Created by Legend-series
Luca is one of the main protagonist's of the comic Heroes of the Element's and it's sequel Next clutch of heroes.He is the Son of Lucy and Tony, Older brother of Celia and Celio and adoptive-son of Spyro and Cynder.

In the sequel he marries Spyro's daughter Athena and they have two son's: Luke and Lloyd.