Red icon
Age 15 (Legend of Amber)

35 (Legend of Ember)

Status Alive
Gender Male
Element's' Fire
Family Flames (Father)

Cross (Mother)

Blue (Twin-sister)

Caipirinha (Aunt)

Amber (Cousin, later mate)

Ember (Daughter)

Angel (Daughter)

Silver (Son)

Flame (Son)

Nina (Granddaughter)

Leo (Grandson)

Cody (Grandson)

Mira (Granddaughter)

Jake (Grandson)

Cera (Granddaughter)

Marina (Granddaughter)

Lune (Grandson)

Created by Legend-series
Red is a character in the comic Legend of Amber and Legend of Ember.


Appearance Edit

Similar to Legend of Spyro Spyro, he has red scales with yellow horns, snout spike, cheek spike, underbelly, and a part of his crest, which another part of the crest is also pink. He also has faded light blue colored eyes. Unlike Spyro, besides his colors and one of his defining features is his similar body structure, his other defining feature is a scar over his left eye.

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is highly possible for a lot of people mistaken Red for Flame from the Spyro series for the common appearance of Adult Flame depicted by many artists.